• ere must, therefore, exist som

  • e fata●l cause which prevents any impr▓o

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  • 美国大臿蕉香蕉大视频

    conditions.Even evi●ls do not grow old without some necessary r●eason for their existence. [P▓g 147] In order to explai▓n this it must

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    be clearly understood w●hat th

  • 美国大臿蕉香蕉大视频

    e Russians really comp●lain of in their officials.They ▓thought themselves no better▓ off under the system of Alexander ▓II., with the infus

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    ion into th▓e service of more h

  • 美国大臿蕉香蕉大视频

    onest and industrious ele●ments.Hence it appears not to be ●primarily the dishonesty or idle▓ness of the bureaucracy which provokes the● mos

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    t complaints.This is, indeed, ●

  • 美国大臿蕉香蕉大视频

    the fact.What drives the Russ▓ians to despair, and what the▓y feel to be the grossest evil of the country,▓ much more than the domination of

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    the Cza▓r alone, is the tyranny


of the official ca▓ste, which forms a state within the state, and ▓has set up a speci


al code of offi▓cial morality quite peculiar to itself.▓ As to how far the possibili▓


ty of such a class development is consist▓ent with the autocracy as such will be in▓qu

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on the street with▓ a person who, for some reason, ▓and naturally without knowing it himse▓lf, is under police surveillanc●e.Of course you yourself are from ▓this moment und

er suspicion, ▓and therewith delivered up to the official z●eal of the[Pg 148] whole, widely ramified orga▓nization, for the protection of the ho

l●y order.From that t

ime forth letters ●directed to you do not reach you, or else bea●r a mark showing that by a remarkable accid●

ent they were found open in the letter-box ▓and had to

  • be officially sealed.Y●ou are surprised some night by the vis●

  • it of an officer and of a dozen ●sturdy police officials, who r

  • ouse your ch●ildren from their beds and search through your ▓h

  • ouse from garret to cellar.If there should ha●ppen to be found

  • in your possession a ●German translation of a novel of● Tolsto

  • 's, or any book or n●ewspaper which stands on the police index?/p>

  • ? with which you naturally are not acqua▓inted, off you go to

  • prison ●with the agents of the law.H●ere you remain, well take

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  • n care▓ of, pending a thorough-going investigation of t●he facts of the case.This lasts f●rom three days to six

  • months, as the ▓case may be, according to your popularity▓ or to the influence whic

  • h your f●riends are able to bring to bear.It is n●ot the slightest protect

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ion for▓ you that you are a well-known hous●eholder, a busy physician or la▓wyer, of

whom it might be assumed that e▓ven without imprisonment he would n▓ot immediately t

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urn his back on the place of h▓is profession.To prevent the danger▓ of collusion, so that you may n▓ot hide the traces

  • y is alleviated by the ruble; without
  • the▓ ruble life would not be at
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of your crim▓e, you remain to the end under loc▓k and key, with

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